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 "Absolutely captivating. The author uses beautiful descriptions to create an otherworldly feel and a read you can't put down. Highly recommended!"

"This is most definitely the kind of book you can get yourself lost into and that has you turning page after page to see its mysteries unravel. I feel like it did some great things playing with the idea of that dynamic between politics and witchcraft and then also the 'snapchat generation' and witchcraft."

"Emily Sadovna’s The Haunting of Violet Gray is a book with great promise, combining an intriguing premise and a filmic plot with a lot of interesting and thought-provoking ideas"

"Centred on the three main prongs of witchcraft, time travel and conspiracy, this is one of the more creative, imaginative reads out there right now, and the novel’s twists and turns do have the potential to surprise and delight readers. The descriptions are impressive and otherworldly, and Sadovna really has created a supernatural atmosphere of intrigue, suspense and suspicion,"


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The Haunting of Violet Gray


Cat is inexplicably drawn to a beautiful mansion where she is seduced into the heady world of modern witchcraft. Opening herself to magic, her mind reveals the impossible. Cat becomes plagued by the paranormal happenings of the house and the desperate whispers of a long-dead girl.

Time Travel

Cursed with the gift of astral travel, Cat discovers a witch’s journal which anchors her mind to the summer of 1940. She witnesses events that lead to a secret occultist ritual.


 Can Cat piece together the clues before the sun rises at the Mabon feast? Can she prevent a repeat of the disastrous ritual? An event so scandalous and deadly it remained a state secret for over eighty years. What terrible price must be paid to stop it happening again? This time, on a devastating scale, engineered for the Twenty-first Century.

‘A dark tale of witch craft, time travel and conspiracy’


The Haunting of Violet Gray



Born in Essex, Emily grew up near Oxford and has lived in and around Southampton for most of her adult life.


Trained in fashion Promotion, Emily’s career began as a window dresser and free-lance stylist. She styled and wrote fashion features for local press.


Departing the fashion world, Emily set up on her own and launched a deli and catering business. She learnt the art of chocolate making and made chocolates for the artists dressing rooms at music festivals, made them live on BBC radio and even appeared in NME magazine.


Later Emily re-trained as a food and nutrition teacher at a secondary school and now teaches five to seven-year-olds to cook in afterschool clubs when she is not writing.


About Emily

Emily is married to Mike who is a software engineer, tech entrepreneur and musician. They have two young girls, the eldest dreams of being a stuntwoman and artist and youngest wants to be Boss Baby. They live on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire.

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