Elemental Power.

The Magic in Haunting of Violet Gray is inspired by the elements. Cat and Violet possess the power of Air, Joab the power of fire, Tom, the power of water and Annie the power of Earth. Not only are the witches able to manipulate the forces of their element, but it also shaped their personality too. I have included an illustration. Which are you? 


The three cycles of nature.

Nature-based religions such as Wiccan and those that follow the path of the witch, acknowledge the three cycles of nature. This is true in the ages of a woman too. The story of Haunting of Violet Gray sees Cat on her journey. Her story begins as the Maiden. She is lost, innocent and oblivious to her path. She is also open and excited by adventure and the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Throughout the story, you will see her enter the stages of the Mother, (metaphorically, she will not do a Bella from Twilight and have a baby) then the Crone.  

violet 2.png